Luke Burns

As Head of MIS at Bath College I am responsible for managing a team of data professionals to deliver internal reports, make submissions to external bodies, and ensure the smooth running of learner management software for college staff.

I apply my own technical knowledge to building data collection and management systems, designing automation into college processes in order to improve efficiencies. Which is a fancy way of saying that I make sure that we keep our data in good order.

I have led a sustained effort towards documentation of internal processes, which involved the coding of a bespoke static site (using Hugo as the generator), a SharePoint site, and - most recently - using the Notion web service as a collaborative tool.

I have also been a strong proponent of automating repetitive or redundant tasks, designing feedback systems for reporting data quality issues back to originating members of staff, and developing tools for maximising college funding claims.

In my day-to-day work I use SQL to query, manipulate, and insert college data, as well as using Excel to design reports and present information. I have worked to ensure these skills are distributed among my team to improve their efficiency and reduce overall workload.

I’m also required to keep abreast of developments in the Further Education sector in order to maintain the college’s compliance with funding rules, and to communicate these rules to non-technical staff. To assist with managing this comprehensive array of resources I have published - in my own time - the website